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Kévin Blinderman

Kévin Blinderman
b.  1984, Paris
Lives and works between Paris and Berlin

Kévin Blinderman orchestrates physical and mental experiences in which surrounding objects, situations and characters transcend their original function. His works and exhibitions are composed like scores, offering visitors a performative experience. In this way, the artist re-enacts and overplays the social choreographies that define one’s environment. His practice lends a melancholy and innovative density to alternative cultures and those who embody them. He is interested in what is expressed through them, in their concrete rationality and their own poetry.

Blinderman was born in Paris into a Jewish family halfway between Ashkenazi and Sephardic cultures. After a Bachelor’s degree at ENSAPC, he started his Master’s degree in Fine Arts at the Bezalel Art Academy in the class of Mierle Laderman Ukeles and graduated from the Paris-Cergy School of Arts in 2018. From 2020 to 2021 he participated in the Berlin Program for Artists, a support structure for young artists created by Angela Bulloch, Willem de Rooij and Simon Denny.

In 2021 Blinderman also presented his first institutional solo exhibition at Confort Moderne, “You’re the Worst”, following a six-month residency at the art center in Poitiers. He is the co-founder since 2018 with artist Paul-Alexandre Islas of the “Queer Is Not A Label” evenings organised since its creation in France, Great-Britain and Switzerland. Queer Is Not A Label is a series of events at the intersection of music and performance which supports and celebrates a young generation of LGBTQIA artists placing issues of identity and gender at the heart of their practice.